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  • Discovery Channel
    Searches Discovery Channel archives

  • AstroWeb
    Astronomy - NASA sponsored

  • Environmental Orgs
    Claims 'Earth's Biggest Environment Search Engine'

  • Sydney Math Search
    Research-level and university mathematics

  • Comm. of Sciences Dbs
    Scientists' collaborative (requires free registration)

  • EnviroLink
    Environmental resources and helps

  • Life Sciences
    University of Michigan Search

  • Nat'l Agriculture Lib.
    Plant & Animal genetics

  • NCBI Entrez

  • National Institute of

    Gopher search

  • Yale Journal of Biology & Medicine
    Yale's publication archives

  • Bell Labs
    Huge bell-labs archive

  • Harvard's Biosciences
    Super biological directory

  • The Pasteur Institute
    French bio database (in English soon)

  • Energy Info on the Internet
    "Clean" energy research

  • Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Db
    "...primarily for xenobiotic, chemical compounds"

  • USDA Plants Db
    can search by state

  • Exploratorium
    Science, art, and human perception 10,000+ pages

    "Canada's sci/tech and medical library..."

  • Nova Online
    Nova series archive
  • The Why? Files
    General science behind the news

  • Biological, Agricultural & Medical INFOMINE
    For university level researchers and students

  • Biomedical Internet Resources
    Db of health bulletins and journals

  • Newswise
    Sci, med, lib arts and business news releases

  • Behavioral & Brain Science
    "all areas of psychology as well as cognitive science, neuroscience, behavioral biology, artificial intelligence, robotics/vision, linguistics and philosophy"

  • Fusion Digest
    Db pertaining to fusion (Gopher Search)

  • Experimental Analysis of Behavior
    Psychology experiments journal

  • Exploration Network
    Canadian Discovery Channel

  • MAD Scientist Network
    Ask-a-scientist database

  • NSF Publications
    gopher search

  • NSF Research Projects
    Search at bottom of page

  • Science Magazine
    Search article archive

  • Scientific American
    Search article archive

  • Spatial Odyssey
    Municipal management db

  • The Scientist
    Gopher search

  • Animal Drug Db
    Gopher search

  • Assoc. For Veterniary Infomatics
    Veterinarian db

  • Center for Veterminary Med.
    FDA veterinary db

  • Center for Organic Chemistry
    Techniques for organic reactions, visualization, and spectroscopy

  • Smithsonian Institute
    "...sixteen museums and galleries and the National Zoo and numerous research facilities in the United States and abroad."

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