the ultimate source of free information

  • Drudge Report
    Grassroots news service. Excellent resource.

  • Associated Press (AP) News Wire
    One of the wire services where news reporters get the news.

  • Newsday
    Long Island news service.

  • ShowBiz Wire
    From the "about" page: " to entertainment news on the web."

  • Washington Post
    Search last 2 weeks, columns, AP stories, sections, events in the Washington area, more.

  • Electronic Newsstand
    Huge database of international magazines.

  • T.V. Guide
    T.V. listings, movie database, articles and columns.

  • USA Today
    Searches archives of USA Today from 1987 to the present.

  • NY Times
    From the search page: "...daily contents of the newspaper, breaking news updates every ten minutes, weekly features and original reporting." Free to use but requires registration.

  • MediaUK
    Search for news in the UK from AP and BBC databases.

  • NewsBot
    Search news stories up to 1 month old through serveral news sources.

  • U.S. News Online
    Search their site, their archives, "news you can use" and .edu domains.

  • SF Examiner & Chronicle
    Search either or both back to 1995.

    Database of news services around the world.

  • NewsLink
    Database of news services around the world.

  • Mother Jones & The MoJo Wire
    Search either or both and learn about the "Foundation for National Progress."

  • L.A. Times
    Search here for the current issue or follow a link to the archive for past issues.
  • Magazine Rack
    Lists only magazine sites which allow free use, will not list those requiring paid resitration of any kind.

  • Total News
    From the home page: " engine and directory of news sites..."

  • Maxisearch
    News and events on the web.

  • NewsTrawler
    From the home page: "...Parallel Search Engine for news on the Internet."

  • The Guardian Online
    Search back issues of the UK's Guardian to 1995.

  • Indonesia News
    A gopher search of Indonesian news.

  • Korea Herald
    From the home page: "In-depth information on Korea" also Korean home pages, weather, and readers' opinions.

    Microsoft and NBC in one big site.

  • News Index
    From the home page: "...database of articles from hundreds of news sources from around the globe."

  • Excite's News Channel
    News service from the Excite search engine site.

    Search up to the past 5 days of news.

  • OneWorld Supersite
    From the home page: "A community of over 350 leading global justice organisations under one roof."

  • Redbook
    The online edition of Redbook.

  • HotWired
    Search Hotwired, Wired and several other products.

  • NewsHub
    Updayed every 15 minutes with breaking news according to the home page.

  • Pub List
    From the home page: " of information about more than 150,000 publications from all around the world."

  • Web Wombat Online Newspapers
    Search world newspapers.

  • Online NewsHour
    Global news.
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