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Computer and Communications
From the "about" page: "...information about the developing global information infrastructure -currently represented by the Internet."

Indiana University Knowledge Base
Q&A format of computer information, primarily for Indiana Univeristy students but most features seem to be open to all.

Price Watch
Like to shop around for hardware? Price Watch lets you comparison shop for the full array of components across all manufacturers.

FOLDOC Computer Dictionary
What's the difference between a bit or a byte? For that matter what ARE bits and bytes? Find out using the dictionary.

From the search page: "Search the entire PC World Online site, including news, articles, and tips from current and past issues. " Also includes a shareware searcher on the page.

Mac World
Search the current website as well as back issues to 1994.

Catalog of Free Compliers
From the search page: "...includes the following: compilers, compiler generators, interpreters, translators, important libraries, assemblers, etc. -- things whose user interface is a language. Natural language processing tools may also be included.
It's not certain what this site doesn't have related to computing, programming and internet/www tips.

"Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing" -- another place to look up those boggling terms.

O'Reilly Search
The online version O'Rielly Publishing

From their home page: "...for locating freelance computer consultants and consulting companies."

Search the International Business Machines website.

Search Novell.

Search Microsoft.

Search Intel.

Cetus Links
From the "about" page: " index to Internet addresses (http, ftp and mailto) about object orientation and component-orientation. "

Symantec Virus Encyclopedia
Symantec's virus database and research. Look up a virus via keyword or alpha-numeric listings.

A search of MANY computing publications.
Bills itself as: "The ultimate resource for batabase programmers and users."

Virus Information Center
Computer Associates virus encyclopedia.

AVP Virus Encyclopedia
Computer viruses listed alphabetically.

DataFellows Hoax Warnings
"...information source for new virus hoaxes and false alerts."

Computer Info Center
In the welcome message: "...with links to hardware and software companies, industry organisations and user groups, technology information sources, online support and up-to-date news. "

Search the online site of the veteran computing magazine.(Formerly Computer Currents)

Lan Times
CMP Net's online version of LAN -- Local Area Network.

Computer Shopper
Computer Shopper online -- what do you want to buy today?

Computer World
From the "about" page: " of information for the IT marketplace."

Obj Oriented Info Sources
From the search page: "...pointers to various information sources on the World Wide Web related to Object-Oriented languages and systems."

From the search page: " and business information, and jumping-off points to important resources for IS Managers."

ComputerUsers High Tech Dictionary
From the search page: "...definitions to more than 7,000 high-tech terms."

Fatbrain is now a part of Barnes and Noble
From the home page: "Books, training and more for technical professionals."

Focus on Java
Another java resource site.

PC Webopaedia
Bills itself as: "The #1 online encyclopedia and search engine dedicated to computer technology."

Search Oracle.

3D "... & 2D, Multimedia, General Design and AudioVisual Industry specialized ..."
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